2017 DH1000 PCMS

Remote Control

In 2017, we expect to be able to do everything on our phones; so now you can. The whole user
interface is controlled from your phone, from anywhere. To do that though, we of course need to have connectivity at the sign; so we did that too… all signs come with a modem and years of cell service included. No activating, no fighting about bills, no cell phone companies to deal with. Smart right?

Auto Deployment

When we combine a connected sign and a cloud-based system to manage your signs, we take information from everywhere and use that to make the sign better. Introducing Auto-Deployment, where there sign automatically raises and rotates to the optimal position for any given roadway. Unhook the hitch, drop the jacks and get back in your vehicle. Tap the Deploy button and you're done. Smart right?

Wind Guard®

WindGaurd allows you to protect your fleet from harmful winds by lowering the sign. You can allow the sign to watch the weather and lower itself or activate WindGaurd manually. Don’t want your sign to duck in high winds? That’s fine, it's just an option.

Device Intelligence

The Sign send you an sms if it detects unexpected sign motion. Perhaps your sign is on unstable ground or has vandals climbing on it.

Measures current going through each pixel.

The sign allows you to geo-fence your equipment so it doesn’t leave an area without your knowledge. No more losing signs or having staff ‘reserve’ them by hiding

It has a radar standard so you know how traffic is moving in your work zones

Have your equipment update automatically with latest software

The trailer can flash it's tail lights to provide extra attention to motorists or help you find the right sign in the yard.


Standard Trailer

  • Molded battery tray
  • Molded shroud with theft resistant fasteners
  • Sleek modern design
  • Self-locking sign rotation
  • AGM Batteries
  • Camera
  • Modem

Standard Display

Character matrix (ALS)
  • 15 degree angularity
  • 4 LEDS per pixel
  • 3 lines, 8 characters per line
  • 18" characters
  • 3 individual cases
  • Aluminum extrusion
  • Flat black powder coat finish
  • Lightweight, wind load tested
Full matrix (FM)
  • 15 degree angularity
  • 4 LEDS per pixel
  • Text, graphic or both
  • Aluminum back plate and surround
  • Flat black powder coat finish
  • Lightweight, wind load tested


  • Additional solar panels and batteries
  • Custom shroud colors and textures
  • Tongue jack
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